Fines and Fees

Overdue Fines

$0.05 per day for Books, Magazines, etc.

$0.25 per day for Videos


Other Fees

$0.10 for black & white copies

$0.50 for color copies

$2.00 for sending 1st page of fax,
$1.00 for each additional page

$0.90 per foot for laminating

$1.00 for CD/DVD repair cleaner

$1.00 for replacement card

$5.00 for proctoring tests

  • Damaged or lost materials must be paid for at replacement cost.


Fines and Service Charges

A fine of $.05 per day for books and magazines and $.25 per day for movies will be levied against each library item kept beyond the due date.

The library will first notify the delinquent borrower by telephone/email. If the borrower cannot be reached by telephone/email; or does not return the library material within two weeks after phone notification, the library will send a notice by mail. Patrons with overdue materials and or fines ($5.00 or more) are not allowed to check out additional materials until all fines are paid and all materials are returned to the library. When one patron from a family has a large fine, they may not use another family member’s card or a friend’s card to check out library items. Parents/guardians will be responsible for paying their children’s (18 years or younger) fines.

Replacement Costs

Any patron failing to return library material, which has been charged to borrower, is responsible for payment of the material at the value determined by the Director. Replacement and processing costs will be included as part of the replacement value of the item. Patrons are responsible for the replacement costs of damaged materials. The damaged items will remain the property of the library. All replacement costs must be paid by that patron before they are allowed to use the library again.

The library director can restrict material access to all patrons from one family due to abuse of their library privilege or to unrelated individuals residing at the same address. This can include not letting any family member check out items until all fines, penalties, etc. are paid for by the family.

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