Library Card

How to get a Library Card

Library cards are free to the residents of Beemer and Cuming County. A current Driver’s License or State ID is required for adults when completing the card application. Address verification is also required before issuing a library card – a patron must provide a piece of mail with his/her name and postmarked within the last 30 days. Minors (under 17 years of age) will be issued a card without identification; however, they must be able to write their name and will need a parent’s or guardian’s signature on their application. Local organizations located within the limits of Beemer such as preschools, daycare centers, and rest homes may be issued a card in the organization’s name with the permission of the organization’s director and the library director. The card will only be used by the organization for items to be used at the facility.

Please notify the library staff of name, address, or telephone changes. All library cards are valid for three years before information needs updated. A charge of $1.00 may be charged for issuing a new card, if the library card is lost or destroyed before the original card expires or if more than one new card is required per year.

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