Memorial Gifts

Gottfried and Barbara Karlen

Gottfried and Barbara Karlen

Thank you for your generosity.

A Memorial Gift is a meaningful and lasting way to celebrate friends and family. Your gift is the perfect way to remember the achievements, anniversaries, or life of a loved one.

Your gift makes it possible for the Karlen Memorial Library to enhance its collection and continue to serve as a vital resource to the community.

Your donation will be used to purchase adult, teen, or children’s materials in the subject area of your interest, or help support a larger library project. A bookplate will be added to each new item, and a note acknowledging the gift will be sent to the donor. Every gift is acknowledged with a letter to the person, family or organization being honored.

The Karlen Memorial Library’s collection has been greatly enriched by the many fine donations of materials and contributions. The Library is very grateful for these donations and through donors, has been able to acquire many important acquisitions which could not have been purchased otherwise.

Memorial gifts help to preserve the legacy of those remembered and honor the surviving family as well.


Gifts and Special Materials Policy

  1. Unrestricted gifts of money, lands, or property will be gratefully accepted by the library board of trustees. Gifts, memorials, or bequests with specific restrictions attached will be reviewed by the board before acceptance or rejection. The library will make a recognition of all gifts that are accepted.
  2. For gifts given for memorials, the giver may suggest a specific category of book they wish and the library will do their best to honor that wish. The book is then marked as a memorial dedication and put into general circulation.
  3. The library director shall make a notation in the memorial book records what memorial book is being donated, who is being honored, and who is contributing towards the memorial.
  4. The library reserves the right to pull a memorial book for the following reasons:
    1. The memorial book needs to be replaced or repaired because of heavy patron usage.
    2. Memorial book needs to be retired because it has not been used.
    3. Memorial book is outdated.

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