Confidentiality of Patron Records

As part of the library’s mission to encourage free access to library materials and information, the Blair Public Library is committed to preserving the confidentiality of its patron records.  The following policies are followed by staff to protect the patron’s privacy:

  • Information about a patron’s circulation record will be given only to the library patron or the guardian of a minor child.
  • Only current transactions of materials checked out by the patron are present on a patron’s computer record.  For the patron’s protection, past transaction records are not available to staff or patron unless the material has an unpaid fine for damages or late return of materials.
  • Information from library records of patron names, addresses and other personal information are used by staff only for the purpose of conducting normal library business.
  • Under court order or subpoena, the library staff will refer any such inquiry to the Library Director, City Administrator, and the City Attorney.
  • Library staff will not inquire into the purpose for which borrowers request information or materials, except to assist borrowers in finding specific information.
  • When a patron is requesting public Internet access, only the first name of the patron is recorded for statistical purposes.  After a count of monthly Internet use has been recorded, all records are discarded.
  • A patron will be notified by phone or email when a hold comes available for checkout.  If the patron is not available a message will be left on answering machine or with whoever answers the call indicating the patron has a hold ready.  The library staff member will not reveal the name of the title of the material.
  • All ages have the right to check out any circulating written materials in the Library without staff censorship.


OVERDUE MATERIAL:  Records pertaining to overdue materials may be released to parents/guardians or any other parties deemed appropriate by Library Staff to obtain the return of overdue materials.

Adopted 10/15/07
Reviewed 8/2013
Reviewed 4/2016
Reviewed 4/2017
Reviewed 8/2018
Reviewed 8/2019
Reviewed 7/2020