Meeting Room Usage Guidelines


Thank you for using the Blair Public Library & Technology Center for your meeting needs. Our rooms are available for reservation by calling the library at 402.426.3617.

CAPACITIES: Conference Room: 12 people
Meeting Room 1: 133 people
Meeting Room 2: 133 people
Meeting Room 1 & 2 combined: 266

1. When reserving meeting spaces, please add ½ hour before and after your meeting time for set up and clean up. The two meeting rooms are equipped with five round tables and six chairs at each table. You may choose a different set up, but the original set up must be returned at the end of your meeting. (Example: Mtg. is 2-5 pm; reserve 1:30-5:30 pm). If you have booked a full day’s event and you wish to come in the night before to set up, please reserve the room for that time. If you don’t, the staff cannot guarantee you access to the rooms. There could be an additional rental charge for the additional time.

2. Each meeting room is set up with projectors, sound system, and a Click Share technology that allows all computers to access the equipment. Additionally, the conference room is equipped for video conferencing. If you need assistance with the room equipment, please come to the library, during regular business hours (M-F), at least one day prior to your meeting for instructions.

3. You may cater in food for your meeting or occasion. The warming kitchen is available for usage by all three rooms, thus more than one group may use the kitchen at one time. Please do not leave your personal belongings in the warming kitchen. A dishwasher is available but speak with staff before using. The kitchen door should remain closed at all times.

4. Decorations are acceptable. No taping items or pounding of nails into the walls. Please see library staff if there are any questions.

5. The library requests, and expects, each group to clean the space they used, including the kitchen. Trash should be collected and deposited in the trash dumpster outside the secondary entrance door and across the parking lot. The room should be vacuumed. Vacuums are in both the kitchen and the table storage area. Cleaning includes, but is not limited to, wiping down of all used tables, cleaning the Marker boards, wiping down chairs, removal of trash and vacuuming. The cleaning deposit will not be returned if these items are not completed.

6. DO NOT move the center wall. Only city and trained staff may move the wall. Special tools are needed, and the wall is heavy. We want everyone safe!

7. You are responsible for any damages.

Reviewed and adopted 2019
Reviewed 7/2020