Dec 09

Overdrive is Alive and Well!

Our OVERDRIVE issue has been solved, and all should be able to connect once again!     Thanks for your patience and for letting us know things weren’t working!

Have a great weekend!



Dec 06

Story Times and More…. Dates To Mark on Your Calendar!

The holidays are just around the corner, and so is our move to the new facility!

Please note the following dates:

The Holiday story time is December 13th at 6:30 p.m.  Come join in the festivities!

Normal story times this week and next.   All children’s programming will conclude as of December 16th, and will NOT resume until the new facility is open!!   We thank you for your understanding during this transitional period!!


Have a great holiday season!


Nov 22

Holiday Weekend

The Library will be closed this Thursday and Friday, November 24th and 25th.   The library staff wishes you a good Thanksgiving.  Enjoy your family time, friend time, and home time!

We’ll be open Saturday, waiting to help with your library needs and wants!   ~~Miss Gayle



Nov 15

Thursday is SUGAR PLUM!

Sugar Plum is just around the corner!    Don’t forget to stop into the library!   Guest readers will be reading their favorite holiday books, The Library Foundation and Library Friends group will be on to celebrate, along with beverages at the Kiwanis trailer, El Vallarta will be joining us again this year, as we are “Getting Ready To Move!”

A very special girl scout, Sammie Grabowski, will be collecting cake pan donations; The Blair Community Schools will have a table, and don’t forget to stop at our tree and see if something catches your eye – you can “adopt the library!”

Lots of good treats, crafts and FUN!   See you there!

Oct 15


Come visit the library and check out Metropolitan Community College’s  FAB LAB !    You’ll see a big trailer in the parking lot.  There’s also a 3D printer in the library to show you what things you can do!    Stop by and get an idea of the technology that will be available in the new library!   They’re here until 2 pm!

And since you’re here — come shop the book sale!!!!!!

Sep 28

Two More Banned Book Faves

Today we feature two books ….    Miss Connie’s favorite banned/challenged book is Charlotte’s Web … a classic …. why was it challenged?web

n 2006, some parents in a Kansas school district decided that talking animals are blasphemous and unnatural; passages about the spider dying were also criticized as being “inappropriate subject matter for a children’s book.”

According to the parent group at the heart of the issue, ‘humans are the highest level of God’s creation and are the only creatures that can communicate vocally. Showing lower life forms with human abilities is sacrilegious and disrespectful to God.’

A junior high in Batley, West Yorkshire, England, which became the center of international attention in 2003 when the school’s Headteacher decreed that all books featuring pigs should be removed because it could potentially offend the school’s Muslim students and their parents.

Miss Celeste’s favorite is any and all of the Harry Potter books ….. why have they been challenged?


Harry Potter is now the most banned book in America, according to the American Library Association. It is undeniable that themes of death and resurrection abound in the stories, as well as detailed depictions of potions and other hocus pocus. But while there are Christians who decry the celebration of witchcraft, there are other Christians who consider Harry’s journey an edifying allegory for Jesus Christ. That is another problem with banning books: it obscures the diversity of viewpoints within its potential readership. Thankfully at least 450 million copies have been sold, so there is little danger that an eager reader will not be able to drudge up a copy.



Sep 26

Banned Book Week !

The American Library Association sponsors Banned Book Week as a way to remind us all to celebrate our FREEDOM TO READ!   Libraries are all about Intellectual Freedom and against censorship.  It goes hand in hand with our belief in your privacy to read what you want.  Each day, and maybe twice a day, we will post on the website and our Facebook page our favorite banned books.  Some may surprise you.  Some may not.  We’ll also pass along some facts and trivia.  Be aware.  Everyone has the right to read and choose for themselves.  Read a banned book today and celebrate YOUR freedom to read!!!


Today’s favorite – Lord of The Flies by William Golding.   This is Miss Wendy’s personal favorite banned book.   The rest of the staff is fond of it as well.  🙂    If you haven’t read it, do.


Aug 17


Anticipation ….  mouth watering… knowing you could eat at RUNZA on Tuesday, August 23, 2016, all day long …… and help out the library while you do!!!!      Next Tuesday is GREAT BOOKS FOR GREAT KIDS Day and Runza will donate 10% of sales all day to the Blair Public Library to help purchase books for children.     You can’t beat that!   GREAT FOOD and GREAT BOOKS for kids!!!!!

Please … MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  Eat at Runza on Tuesday — lunch or dinner … or both!!!!!!    Thanks for your support!!!GBGKMobile

Aug 02

Changes are Coming!

Good Afternoon!

Summer reading is over, and children’s programming does not resume until after Labor Day.  Even better, the new building is “moving right along….” and that means it’s time for us to start preparing the collection for the new space!

You may have noticed we have been changing the dvds around.  Covers are now on the dvds, as are the barcodes.  Once we move, you will no longer have to use the browser window to check out a movie!!

The other change that is happening this week is the merging of large print with the regular print.  Throughout the interviews we have held with readers the last two years, no serious objections have been raised to this change.  The new building will have shorter shelving, and this allows us to keep book series together!  We hope that by changing things around now, we will all have time to get use to it so it won’t seem so new or strange in the new building.  All large print books are marked with a “large print” sticker and the staff can help retrieve books from the tall shelves until we move!

We’ll try not to spring too many things on you at one time!    Thanks for your patience and understanding while we get our move on!!  🙂   Any questions, feel free to ask!

~~ Miss Gayle

Jul 14

GOOD NEWS!!! The Library Will Open This Evening….

The temporary HVAC system has been installed. The library will open this evening (Thursday) at 5:00 pm. Normal library hours will resume on Friday July 15th. All Summer Reading activities have been cancelled for the remainder of this week but will resume on Monday July 18th as scheduled.

Please Note: The book drop in the alley will be CLOSED until further notice. All returns will need to be brought inside the library.

Thank you, to all our patrons for your patience in this matter!

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