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Summer reading is here – and it’s a fun time for the whole family!!!   Some questions we often hear:

This is just for kids, right?  WRONG – it’s for all ages, 0-180! 

Do I have to read only books checked out from the library?  NO – everything you read counts.  Naturally, we love when you check out our books, but all books count.  

I only read to my kids, I don’t have time to read for myself.  OK – everything you read to your kids counts for the adults too!  Kids reading to their siblings get to count those books as well!  We LOVE reading aloud –  please read to others every day, and count what you read! 

Now that you know it’s the easiest program around, come in and sign up! Prizes await .. fun programs await …. smiling faces everywhere await!

 This year’s theme for summer is CELEBRATE!

There are over 100 programs this year.  Check out the Calendar!  Enjoy and celebrate, play, relax and read!


Some basic explanations:
Mondays:  Crafts:  Come, make and take, four different crafts.  We explore a variety of media – paint, color, food, clay, beading, glitter, glue.  You name it, we do it.  Your job is to have fun doing it, our job is to clean up the mess!   It’s a win-win!  Teen Crafts will be held in the afternoon!

Tuesdays:  Programs.   We are the place to be on Tuesdays at 10:30!  Some of our favorites are returning this year, along with some new, LOUD, and exciting programs!  Most programs are held at City Chambers to accommodate the crowds.    Word Game Clubs   in the Community Room.  We also have surprises on Tuesday afternoon ….. you just never know what might go on at your library!

Wednesdays:   Tiny Tots  (ages 0-3).   A great time for young ones to celebrate all forms of literacy in their young world.  Always a surprise or two!   Movie time:  for all ages; fun family films to kick back and relax to.  Snacks provided.

Thursdays:  Story time for all ages.  Come read, sing and participate in the fun!  Our first story time, we’ll get to meet the author and illustrator of a fabulous children’s book at the library.  All other Thursday story times will be held at THE DEPOT!    Lego Club:  what can we say.  Legos ROCK!  Come build!

Fridays:  Fun Fridays —- something fun and full of surprises!   We start in the morning, and some carryout through the day.   Noise alert on this one!  Come see what we have to offer!  4-H Food Smart Families:  you don’t have to be in 4-H to participate, but it will be a great time learning how to fix foods for yourself!!

Weekends and Friday/Saturday nights:  occasional activities –  Teens are slated for a  Grand Murder Mystery!    Our fun summer lock in is held in July and the Teddy Bear Lock In is sure to put a smile on your young one’s face.  We just wish those stuffed animals would behave!!!!!    They really get crazy at 3 am!