28 September 2018

Thank you to the many community members who donated books this past year. You donations are valued at $2,996.87. You are Appreciated!

Top Reader!

27 June 2018

Rave Carson read 62 books! He was the Summer Reading Program Top Reader! Congratulations!

Outstanding Readers!

27 June 2018

These participants read eight or more books! Tagen, Swayzee, Rave and Rainlee Carson, Abagale and R.J. Leeling, Malachai Hallett and Hailee Leeling

Thank you to all our “Libraries Rock Summer Reading Participants!

27 June 2018

We would like to thank the Nebraska Library Commission for providing the Youth for Excellence Grant that funded this program!


18 April 2018

Thank you to the Community Response team members and parents who joined us for the May 22nd meeting. We will be developing goals over the next few months, however, here are some things we discussed:

  1. Continue and expand current Children’s Programming
  2. Encourage the After School Club students to volunteer to help older and disabled community members with light property clean-up.
  3. Research and provide water savings information to the community each spring.
  4. Seek to work with aging agencies to help older community members with information needs.
    If you have concerns or ideas please contact the Librarian or a Library Board Member.