Monthly Archives: July 2015

Broadwater Public Library Policy Manual Now Online

16 July 2015

The Broadwater Public Library now has its official policy manual online, for ready reference and viewing. It is available on this site by clicking the tab on the main page, or clicking here.

Summer Reading – Every Hero Has a Story

7 July 2015

The Broadwater Public Library will have its Summer Reading Program, held on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout July.

This year’s theme is “Every Hero Has a Story”. These are heroes from comic books, cartoons, movies, and television. They are also historical figures, such as famous inventors and war heroes and movie stars. There are also “everyday” heroes, including firefighters, police… even our parents and neighbors!

After discussing what kinds of heroes there are, we will decide what superhero WE are, what they are like, and make our own costumes to make ourselves like those heroes. We will have new, unique heroes for every child.

This program is for children of all ages.