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The following is a list of other sources for legally free e-books and legally free audiobooks for your enjoyment, information, or education. They are either offered free by the authors, publishers, and performers (in the case of audio books), or these books have had their copyrights expire such that they are in the public domain, or were never copyrighted.

Some of the sites listed also have items available for purchase.

Neither the Broadwater Public Library nor the Nebraska Library Commission endorses any of these organizations or companies, nor are we receiving any sort of royalty or payment for providing these links. The Broadwater Public Library and the Nebraska Library Commission have no opinion on whether you should purchase any items from any of the companies linked. While the Broadwater Public Library believes these organizations are operating within the law, we cannot accept responsibility for use of this list. This list is provided for your information only.

  • Project Gutenberg – Free ebooks in any of several formats on books upon which the copyrights have expired in the United States. If you are in another country, check with your country’s copyright and other laws to see if you can legally download these. It also has public domain audio books for download.
  • Librivox – Audio files of public domain books recorded by volunteers. They are always seeking volunteer readers.
  • Library of Congress Books – Free downloadable books and other texts from the Library of Congress.
  • Library of Congress – Audio books – Free downloadable audio books and poetry from the Library of Congress.
  • Baen Publishing Library – Science Fiction and Fantasy books. Available in many formats. Some items on this site are not free and must be purchased for download, reading, or use.
  • Harlequin Romance – Their site, including free books and short stories for download. Some items on this site are not free and must be purchased.
  • Books Should Be Free – A large selection of ebooks and audio books, free for download. This site compiles books from other sources, including Project Gutenberg and Librivox.
  • Apple Itunes – Free downloads of public domain books for Itunes and Ipads. Some items on this site are not free, and must be purchased.
  • University of Pennsylvania – Online collection of more than a million books, 40,000 of them in their curated collection at the university, and links to books from other online sources.
  • NaNoWriMo – Free books by new and indie authors, from the sponsors of  the NaNoWriMo contest, the annual “write a novel in a month” challenge.
  • International Children’s Digital Library – eBooks and online books for children

Note too, that with certain disabilities which make reading difficult, both the Nebraska Library Commission and the US Library of Congress makes available materials in Braille or as audio books to residents of Nebraska and of the United States, respectively. For information about that program, laws which created and govern it, qualifications for benefiting under that service, or applying, please see the Library of Congress Talking Books and Reading Disabilities. To find more about the Nebraska program, qualifications for participants, please see Talking Book & Braille Service for Nebraskans.

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