Start Back to School with the Right Book

The First Day of School has come and gone. Maybe for some it hasn’t quiet started yet. Never fear. There is always a good book to help you adjust to the new season.

Sometimes the first day of school comes with a lot of nervous butterflies. There’s the excitement to see friends again. Meet your new teacher. Show everyone your new backpack and super cool folders that match your pencils.

Parents need a little help every now and then talking through some of the issues and experiences our kiddos encounter. Good and bad. I’ve found a few books on our shelves that may give you that little help you need.

First Day of School by Annie Silverstro

A good read to help that little person in your life getting ready to head off to school, who may have a few butterflies in their stomach. Look for Butterflies on the First Day of School by Annie Silverstro.

Rosie, the main character of the book, has her nerves fly right out of her mouth on two silver butterflies. Then too her surprise three more! Soon Rosie found herself helping someone else let go of their butterflies. You’ll want to check this book out the next time you are in our library.

The Energy Bus for Kids by Jon Gordon

Even though we wish everyday would be full of positivity it’s inevitable we will have a bad day. And so do our children. In Jon Gordon’s book The Energy Bus for Kids, George, just your average kid gets some helpful tips from his Bus Driver, Joy.

She greets him with a smile. Something we all should practice. Joy helps him with several different issues he experiences throughout his school day.

“That’s okay, George. You’re on my bus now. I call it the Energy Bus. Sit down and I’m going to teach you some rules that will take you on a positive ride through life. ”

~ Joy the Bus Driver ~the Energy Bus for Kids

  • RULE #1: Create a Positive Vision
  • RULE #2: Fuel Your Ride with Positive Energy
  • RULE #3: No Bullies Allowed
  • RULE #4: Love Your Passengers
  • RULE #5: Enjoy the Ride

It’s a good story to help your kiddo through those tougher issues and hey you may even take a tip or two away for yourself. Look for it the next time your in our library.