Welcome to Butler Memorial Library’s Learning Studio!

Cornhusker State Industries delivered the last pieces to our puzzle this morning and I am so very excited to show you all the new Learning Studio!

I attached a Chromecast to the tv so we can cast from the computer to the tv on the wall! Pretty neat! 🙂

So fun to see this project come together and we are excited to use this room to Build, Make and Learn! Special thank you to our anonymous local donor for providing the funds for this project, the library board for your help and encouragement and the city council for your support. Please stop by and check it out. This project took many eyes, ears and hearts to put together!

We will be using this room for the crafting portion of our Summer Reading Programs and Kids Book Club. I am working on setting up a Teen Workshop with the Glowforge laser cutter and thinking of putting together a class about wellness for teens/adults with essential oils. Still just ideas so I am willing to look at options and ideas others have that would benefit our community!

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  1. I tried to call several times this afternoon, Feb. 16, 2023 (Thursday) and did not get an answer. I want to renew the library book that is due today, but perhaps you are not open due to the snowstorm. I think you need an answering machine with your phone for patrons to do a renewal.

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