“Before We Kill and Eat You ~ Book Review by Diane Palm

Before We Kill and Eat You

Author:  H.B. Garlock

with Ruthanne Garlock

Reviewed by:  Diane Palm

Just finished this testimony of God’s power & leading on the mission field in Africa. In 1920 Henry Garlock (22) was called of the Lord to full time missionary work in Liberia, Africa, nicknamed “The White Man’s Grave”. He experienced malaria, lack of food, demon spirits, fetish practices, cannibalism, floods, no electricity or plumbing & encountering natives who had never seen a white man. His future wife followed him several months after he set up the mission & they were married in Liberia. They endured many difficult situations threatening their lives and the Lord delivered them out of all. But mostly, he & his wife, Ruth, experienced a great move of God bringing many people to salvation in Jesus Christ. It is like reading the next chapter in the book of Acts out of the Bible. Great read for all!

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