Make a Blind Date With a Book at Central City Public Library

Tired of your same old relationships?  Need something new and exciting?  During the entire month of February stop by the library for a mysterious rendezvous.  We’d like to fix you up with a blind date (with a book of course); after all we are a library! We’ll select a variety of books, wrap them up in plain brown paper (no peeking) and you won’t know the “identity” of your blind date until you get it home.  Will it be fiction or non-fiction, a mystery, biography, or a cookbook?  Funny, heart-breaking or informative?  Sure, you may be disappointed; then again… you may end up really enjoying something you may not otherwise have chosen for yourself.

Each book will have a “Rate Your Date” slip.  If you are so inclined, say whatever you want about your date (even if your date was a dud- don’t worry, its feelings won’t be hurt).  With each slip you return, you can enter a drawing to win dinner for two at the Lincoln Manor Steak House in Central City.  So, be sure to stop by the library anytime between February 1 and 28.  Who knows, you might get lucky; if not in love then perhaps in literature?


“Gardening Throughout the Year” Class to Begin January 17th!

It’s that time of year again- the seed catalogs have arrived!  Luddene Perry’s “Gardening Throughout The Year” classes will begin on Thursday, January 17 at 7:00 p.m. at the library.  The first class will be about the ins and outs of adding fruit trees to your garden.  It will cover:  appropriate varieties, the right root stock, site preparation, proper planting techniques and pest control.  Everyone is welcome- no class fees. — at Central City Public Library.

“Peppermint Sugar Cookie Bars” One of Recipes for Upcoming Cookie Swap!

“Peppermint Sugar Cookie Bars” is one of the Pinterest recipes being made by one of the participants in the upcoming library cookie swap (being held on Wednesday, Dec. 19th at 6:00 p.m.).  If you would like to attend, bring 6 dozen cookies to the library for the swap, mingle and enjoy some of the cookies.  Then, take home a variety of the 5 dozen delicious cookies, to enjoy during the holiday season!  If you want to participate, but can’t attend the swap, you may drop your cookies off in advance, and pick up your variety of cookies afterwards.Peppermint Sugar Cookie Bars

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