International Fun and Flair @ the Library Feb. 24!

The library is hosting an after-school session on February 24 for 20 girls from grades K-6 who would like to learn more about another country.  Barb Hoff, co-ordinator for International Students at Nebraska Christian High School, along with her Asian students, will provide a one-on-one experience for the first 20 girls who register for the program.  The  girls will  choose a new Thai, Chinese, Korean, or Vietnamese name, learn how to say simple phrases and sing a familiar song in that language, and count.  There will be foods and other treats, and flash cards with phonetic pronunciations will be prepared along with other things for children to take home.  The session will run from 3:30 to approximately 5 PM.  If this session is successful, another session for boys will be scheduled later.

Registration can be done by either calling  the library at 946-2512, or emailing the library at Registration will be closed after 20 have signed up, but we will keep a reserve list in case someone cannot make it.  Please let the library know if, for some reason, you are one of the 20 and find you cannot attend so we can notify the next one one the list.

International Fun & Flair @ Library

Farm Bureau Learning Barn Exhibit on Display @ Library!

farmbureaubarnThe Merrick County Farm Bureau has brought their Learning Barn Exhibit to
the library for a few weeks.  This interactive barn is filled with all kinds of
things that teach children about agriculture, machinery, animals, and related
topics.  Children are encouraged to play with the items and see how things
work.  Very small children should be accompanied by a parent for safety sake.
The display is located in the center area of the library.

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