July Display Ideas

July is the month for patriotic events. Prepare a display table with groupings of books with red, white, and blue covers. Place a container of small American flags on the table for patrons to pick up. Flags may be ordered from Oriental Trading Company. Here are 10 more program and display ideas for July.

National Blueberry Month
Read Robert McCloskey’s classic Blueberries for Sal, then paint pictures using blueberry juice. Smash a half cup of blueberries in a cup of water and then strain the liquid. (Be sure to line surfaces with newspapers first!)

National Picnic Month
Find a wicker picnic basket, a red checkered cloth, and some paper plates. Now you are ready to set out books with the word “picnic” in the title.

First U.S. Postage Stamps Issued (July 1, 1847)
Stamp collecting has been called “the hobby of kings and the king of hobbies.” Display your stamp collecting books with envelopes and an address book. If you have a locking case, you could borrow a collection and highlight it.

Dave Barry Birthday (July 3, 1947)
Put a sign in the stacks or make a small arrangement of books and audiobooks on a table commemorating the 70th birthday of this popular humorist.

National Sugar Cookie Day (July 9)
Display books from all areas of the library with the word “cookie” in the title. Have some unfrosted cookies, colored icing, and sprinkles ready for your patrons to decorate their own treats.

International Puzzle Day (July 13)
Puzzles are a great rainy day—or any day—activity. Invite families to a puzzle day at your library.

Brian Selznick’s Birthday (July 14, 1966)
Brian Selznick is an American illustrator and writer best known for illustrating children’s books. He won the 2008 Caldecott Medal for U.S. picture book illustration recognizing The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Borrow this book set from the System Office for your Junior Book Club.

National Ice Cream Day (July 16)
July is a month of tasty celebrations. Prepare a display with an ice cream maker, packets of ice cream mix, and children’s books with pictures of ice cream cones on the cover. This display will disappear like ice cream on a hot day!

World Emoji Day (July 17)
Put pictures of emojis of every kind on a bulletin board with what they mean directly under the picture. Use this Emojipedia at http://emojipedia.org/ to find the newest ones. Parents will be glad for the help in understanding this form of communication.

National Day of the Cowboy (July 27)
Display western books and movies, country music CDs, and books by cowboy poets, along with a cowboy hat, chaps, spurs, and a saddle (if you can find one).

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