School Librarians in the Digital Age

Central Plains Library System and the Nebraska School Librarians Association are sponsoring “School Librarians in the Digital Age” on July 31, from 9:00 to 12:00. The workshop will cover three current topics. The location will be the Lexington Public Library, 907 N. Washington, Lexington, NE 68850. To register, go to

9:00 am Crystal Hurt Fake News: Teaching Media Literacy
“Fake news” is in the news, making determining fact from fiction harder than ever! Participants in this session will learn how they can empower students to be critical readers of digital content using “Four Moves and a Habit” from Mike Caulfield’s online OER textbook Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers. Participants will walk away with a digital literacy lesson they can use with students the very next day as well as digital tools, games, and sites to help turn students into fact checkers.

10 am Judy Henning Strategies for Identifying Fake News
With the proliferation of fake (or, at least, dubious) news, students need to know the strategies necessary to be a good consumer of information. This involves fine-tuning their critical thinking skills and using prior knowledge when determining the validity of research information. This presentation will give school librarians ideas and information they can incorporate in their information literacy curriculum.

11 am Keegan Korf Maintaining Student Privacy: 5 Things Teachers and Librarians Can Do
Do you know how the apps you’re using use and share student information? Learn how to navigate Common Sense’s new privacy evaluations and the implications for your school. Discuss the importance of privacy and data use for educators. Share practices at your school and learn from others.

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