Week of Weeding is a Big Success!

The CPLS Annual Week of Weeding is done for another year. It was successful for all that participated. We had one college library, four school libraries, and eleven public libraries for a total of 16 participating institutions. Together they weeded more than 2,500 items!

Nonfiction was the most popular area to weed this year and one library didn’t stop at books—they got rid of some old audio/video material. In addition, they threw out some overhead projectors, a VHS rewinder, and some video cameras as big as your head! That is a good reminder to remember to weed equipment as well as our collections.

One of the hardest things to throw away was a book that had only circulated 3 times…but its copyright was 1997. One of the easiest things to throw out was World Book Encyclopedia from 1988.

Here are a few quotations:

I’ve been putting off weeding our adult fiction…It’s amazing to have it all done! So much space cleared out for new books.

It was interesting to see what had been “hot” at one time and now the interest is gone.

A much-needed task.

Many old beat-up titles from various series were begging for me to let them go!

Start thinking about your next weeding project. There are probably some old beat-up titles at your library that are just “begging” for you to “let them go!”

A random drawing was held on Monday, August 20, from all the participants. The winners of the Kindle Fire Tablets are:

Andy Ohlson from Axtell Community School
Maria Downer from Butler Memorial Library in Cambridge


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