February Display Ideas

February is nearly upon us. Time to get out the doilies and hearts. Everyone’s thoughts turn towards love and Valentines. Cover a bulletin board in a variety of sizes of pink and red hearts. Add these words “All You Need is Love, And a Good Book.” See below for 10 more display and activity ideas for February.

Black History Month
Since 1976, every American president has designated February as Black History Month and endorsed a specific theme. The Black History Month 2020 theme, “African Americans and the Vote,” is in honor of the centennial anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment (1920) granting women’s suffrage and the sesquicentennial of the Fifteenth Amendment (1870) giving black men the right to vote. Check out The Brown Bookshelf’s 28 Days Later campaign, in which a different contemporary black children’s book author or illustrator is featured every day during the month of February.

Library Lovers’ Month
Provide heart cutouts on different colors of paper, and have patrons write what they love most about the library on them. Hang the hearts around the library.

National Bird Feeding Month
Display your books about birds, bird houses, and bird feeders. Have a simple and fun program using this video to make a bird feeder that will attract local birds to your library, your school, or your backyard.

World Read Aloud Day (February 5, 2020)
LitWorld founded World Read Aloud Day in 2010 as an opportunity for people all around the globe to celebrate the joy of reading aloud, and advocate for literacy as a fundamental human right that belongs to everyone. The authors listed on this webpage have volunteered their time to read aloud to classrooms and libraries all over the world.

Valentine’s Day (February 14)
Originating as a Western Christian feast day honoring one or two early saints named Valentinus, Valentine’s Day is recognized as a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of love and affection. Find books with red and pink covers and include some cardstock hearts to make a festive display.

National Gumdrop Day (February 15)
Celebrate with a sweet STEM activity! In your makerspace, provide toothpicks, gumdrops, and mini marshmallows, and encourage patrons to make their own unique creations. (You could place a dish of “clean” gumdrops on the checkout desk for people to snack on.)

Presidents’ Day (February 17, 2020)
Make  a display of books sharing unusual storylines about our nation’s leaders, including works of fiction such as Abraham Lincoln, Pro Wrestler by Steve Sheinkin.

Jeff Kinney’s Birthday (February 19, 1971)
Jeffrey Patrick Kinney is an American author and cartoonist, best known for the children’s book series Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Place a small poster on the shelf near his books to commemorate his special day.

National Tortilla Chip Day (February 24)
Tortilla chips accompanied by some form of a dip is a staple party dish. Usually made of fried yellow corn tortillas, tortilla chips can be served with dips like salsa or guacamole. They can be incorporated in a more elaborate dish with cheese and sour cream such as nachos. Pass out individual bags of tortilla chips to all your patrons today. Place the bags of chips in a display of Mexican cookbooks.

Tell a Fairy Tale Day (February 26, 2020)
Tell a Fairy Tale Day provides the perfect opportunity to read fairy tales to the children in your life and to enjoy your favorite childhood tales yourself. A fairy tale is a short story that typically features fantasy characters and magic. Fairy tales usually take place once upon a time and have a happy ending: evil characters are punished and good characters live happily ever after. Make a display of fairy tale books and invite your patrons to read their favorite passages aloud on the 26th.

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