Great for weekend workshops to get kids involved in learning STEAM technology! littleBits makes technology kits that are fun, easy-to-use, and infinitely creative! The kits are composed of electronic building blocks that are color-coded, magnetic, and make complex technology simple and fun.  Together they are interchangeable in millions of different ways to empower kids of any age to invent anything – a sibling alarm, a wireless robot, or a digital instrument. Here are some of the unique features of these STEAM kits:

  • Gender neutral, age agnostic, and independent of country, language, experience, or technical abilities
  • Empowers students to engineer real world solutions through invention.
  • Adding ‘Art’ into STEAM enables students to kickstart their creativity and develop creative confidence.
  • Lessons link to NGSS and Common Core Standards, making teaching fun AND effective.
  • Modules snap together with magnets so it’s impossible to make a mistake
  • Start any circuit with a Blue Power module, powered by a battery or AC adapter
  • Pink Input modules include buttons, switches, and sensors to interpret their surroundings
  • Green modules are outputs and add motion, light, sound, and more to your circuit
  • Orange Wire modules help you extend and branch out or add powerful connectivity to your creations

To offer this technology at your next workshop or after-school program, please call or email Autumn ( today to get your name on the list!

Here are some Lesson Plans to use with the littleBits and Sphero RVR:

Animal Imitation
Ball Launcher