By the Light of the Halloween Moon

A toe!
A lean and gleaming toe
That taps a tune in the dead of night
By the light, by the light,
By the silvery light of the Halloween moon!

One by one, a cat, a bat, a ghoul, a ghost, a witch, and a sprite reach for someone’s tapping toes.
Who could it be?

On Monday, October 28, we visited the Kindergarten classes at St. Boniface and Elgin Public. We read the story By the Light of the Halloween Moon by Caroline Stutson. This Halloween story with its rhythmic, bouncy text and imaginative illustrations, tickled their bones—their funny bones, that is!

Pictured below is their bat, a bungling bouncy breezy bat.

St. Boniface Kindergarten class

Elgin Public Kindergarten class

Cowboy Cody

We visited Elgin Public and St. Boniface preschool classes for story time and an activity. We read Cowboy Cody by Becky Wigemyr. It is a story of perseverance and good, old-fashioned cowboy ‘grit. Cody desperately wants to be a cowboy but there’s just one problem. He lives in the city! But it is his grit and determination that will help his dream come true.
Cowboy Cody will spur young readers to saddle up, rope their dreams and always enjoy that victory lap.