National Library Week Winners

During National LIbrary Week parents and children were invited to the library to read the book of the day. The children were entered into a drawing for a book donated by Kim Young, Usborne Book Consultant. Winners were: Monday – Eleanor Beckman, Tuesday – Callie Mlinar, Wednesday – Cayson Bottorf, Thursday – Cody Mlinar and Friday – Cael Bottorf. The library also sponsored a coloring contest. Chase Young was the winner in the 3-6 age category and tying for first in the 7 and up age category were Allie Scheer and Cael Bottorf. Stop by the library to pick up your prize. Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate National Library Week with a special thank you going to Brenda Siems for the cookies and Kim Young for going the extra mile and making it a fun and successful week.

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