Library Closing

Due to the COVID-19 virus the Elgin Public Library will be closing its doors as of April 1, 2020 until further notice.  Books will still be available.  Please call 843-2460 and talk to Barb or Dianne during regular library hours or leave a message and they will get back to you.  During this time there will be limited delivery available or curbside pickups.  Please check our website  for updates and book availability (there is a link to our online catalog on the website).  Thank you for your understanding.

Elgin Library Implements Restrictions

At this time we will remain open with the following restrictions:

  • Our hours will remain the same except on Wednesdays which will now be from 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 p. m.  No evening hours!
  • Please do not send children to the library as an alternative to no school.  They will be asked to leave. However, we welcome them to check out books!
  • Children under age of 10 will only be allowed to use a computer with parental supervision. This should be for schoolwork only.
  • No toys will be available for small children at this time
  • If patrons feel more comfortable we encourage them to use our online catalog which can be found on our website at It is listed under “links”.  When you search for the item you are looking for it will tell if it is available or not.
  • Even though we are currently open if you would like to call and have us pull books in advance or delivered we would be happy to do so.


Book Bags for Daycare

The library recently started a “Book Bag” program in conjunction with the local daycare providers in Elgin.   A book bag of children’s books is provided for the daycare and is exchanged on a weekly basis.  At this time three daycare providers are participating in the program.

Authors Visit Library

To listen to an author tell about their passion for writing and the inspiration for their books can truly bring a book to life. This is what we heard when author Dr. Joe and Trudy Williams shared their writing journey with us on Friday, March 6, 2020. Our patrons thoroughly enjoyed hearing about Dr. Williams’s love of medieval fantasy as a child and how it became the subject of his books series “Tales of Morningstar.” His wife, Trudy, plays a critical role in the writing process by editing as well as designing the covers.

Authors to Visit Elgin Public Library

Joe and Trudy Williams will be visiting the Elgin Public Library on Friday, March 6, 2020.    Dr. Joe and Trudy Williams bring a fresh voice to young adult medieval fantasy through fast-paced epic adventures filled with action, mystery, hope and inspiration.  You will get lost in another world that is filled with castles, dragons, trolls, dwarves, elves, sea-robbers and captivating locations that allow you to escape with each book in “The Tales of Morningstar” series.   As you turn the pages, you’ll be drawn into another world where mythical creatures live and the magic of courage, bravery, and friendship shines bright.

The Williams’ will be at the library at 10:00 to share their writing adventures with the public.  They are the mother and step-father of Abby Evans of Elgin.

The Williams’ travels continue to inspire the Tales of Morningstar series, and they invite you to follow them on

Valentine Fun

Roses are pink, Your feet really stink by Diane DeGroat

The story is about Gilbert who needs to write fifteen friendly valentines to his classmates. But when he sits down to do it, writing a nice one to a boy who tweaked his nose and a girl who made fun of his glasses was harder than he thought. Instead he writes two not-so-nice valentines and signs some else’s name. After sharing the valentines, feelings are hurt. But with an honest apology the children learned there can be a change of heart on Valentine’s Day.

Following the story the second graders made paper plate yarn hearts to share with their family.

Elgin Public second graders
Second graders at St. Boniface

Movie at the Library

Join us at the library this Saturday, February 15 from 1:30 until 3:00 for a kids movie. We will be showing Abominable. When mischievous friends Yi, Jin, and Peng discover a young yeti on their roof, they name him Everest and embark on a thrilling adventure. Come find out where that adventure leads them.