On Monday, August 21th at approximately 11:25 AM we will find ourselves on the edge of a rare celestial event, a total eclipse of the sun. This is unique because it will travel through the United States from Salem, Oregon to Charleston South Carolina, dissecting Nebraska from Alliance in the Northwest corner to Falls City in the Southeast tip of the state. Elmwood is located approximately 4 miles north of the “path of totality”. We will be able to see an eclipse where the moon will almost cover the sun completely.

Elmwood Public Library is working with The Elmwood-Murdock School’s science teacher, Laura Stock, to give you the very best information and view-ability possible in our area. We are planning two events which you and your family can have some hands on activities to help make these events extra special.

Please start planning now to attend our “Solar Eclipse-2017 Family Night” activities at Elmwood Public Library on Monday, July 17th at 7:00 pm. On Monday, August 14th we will be hosting an event from 7-8 that will delve into the “facts & fiction” regarding the eclipse. You are also invited to join us at the library from 11-12 noon on Monday, August 21st for our “Viewing Party”! We are still working out the details so please check back for further information closer to the events!

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