Monday: 10-1

Tuesday: 11-5

Wednesday: 12-5

Thursday: 11-5

Friday: 12-5

Saturday: 10-12

Any closings will be posted accordingly.

There is a book drop located at the front of the library for after-hours returns.

Phone: (402) 993-2943

421 Willard Avenue
PO Box 279
Genoa, NE 68640

Tammy Johnson

Kimberly Ellenwood
(Children’s Activities Director)

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  1. I am a subscriber to the Leader Times because I grew up in Genoa. I graduated from GHS in 1963. As a young girl, I went to the library when it was upstairs over City Hall. I believe Ella Munson was the librarian.
    I read the news of what is going on at the library and am in awe of all that is happening.
    I use the weekly trivia in my adult SS class. They love trying to guess the answer. I save the trivia weekly so I can give them the answer. Often times they are pretty close.
    They asked me last Sunday – “Where do you get these trivia from?” I told them. Now I am writing to say “thank you” for something you would never guess would be so appreciated.

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