Meet the New Director!

Hi everybody! My name is Danielle Rein (you can call me Dani) and I am your new library director. I am so excited to meet everyone in the community and assist you with all things library related. I have twelve years of library experience in both public and academic libraries and I have a passion for programming and teaching. I am always ready to learn something new! I am hoping to start a code club for kids in the coming months and if you adults have any interest in Laser Cutting come in and see me. Any ideas for programs or classes are welcome, I am here to serve you! You can contact me at or by phone at (402)789-2301.

Please stop in and say hello and maybe pick up a book while you’re here.

Greenwood Public Material Rules

1. Books may be kept three(3) weeks and may be renewed once for the same period except for 7 day books and magazines.

2. A fine will be charged for each day per book not returned according to the above rule. No other book will be issued to any person incurring a fine until it has been paid.

3. All damages to books, magazines, DVD, beyond reasonable wear and tera will be assessed and all damages or losses will be made good to the satisfaction of the Librarian.

4. Each Patron is held responsible for materials checked out on their family card and all fines accrued by that family.

New Books!

2020 Guinness World Records book has arrived. Most ice cream scoops balanced on a cone…125. Farthest arrow shot using feet…40ft 4inches. Most spoons balanced on the face…31 spoons for 5 sceonds. Can you break any of these records?

Ready to cook? We have 2 cool new recipe books. We have Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, The New Frontier. We also have SaltFatAcidHeat by Samin Nosrat. Both will help you to learn new recipes and techniques.

Love mysteries? We have Robb, Child, Penny, Patterson. Love escape books? We have pick your own journey. Romance? We have them. Non – Fiction? Got those too.

Come on in and take your pick.

Our Business Is An Open Book