Don’t Forget give2Grow Today

give2Grow is a county-wide giving challenge designed to raise dollars for local nonprofit organizations like the Holdrege Area Public Library. During this one-day event, donations can be made to the library and a share of every contribution will be matched through an incentive pool of funds provided by generous donors and the Phelps County Community Foundation.

In promoting lifelong learning the library needs to have the tools to do so. One of our biggest draws are the public computers and laptops. From using Microsoft Office to printing off tax forms to playing video games our computers are very well-used and well-loved. We are asking for your help in contributing for new computers, software, and printers. We want the library to be up-to-date with 21st Century technology needs. In doing so we can be a better library for our patrons and serve them better.

Thank you for your continued efforts in making the Holdrege Area Public Library the terrific library it is!

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