Summer Reading 2019 “A Universe of Stories”

Children’s Programs

Adam White Magic Show

Adam White will be performing for our summer readers on Monday, June 17th at 2:00 PM. He will present his magic show, is planning on gifting the library with some magic books for our collection and is providing a small prize for each of the kids who attend the program.

Edgerton Explorit Center Program

Deb Miller, Mad Scientist and Educator is presenting “Spaceflight Explorer’s Show” on Monday July 22nd for our summer readers.

Grand Prizes for Program Participants

One Amazon Gift Card $25 (K-4th Grade)
One iTunes Card $25 (Teens)

Scholastic Literacy Gifts

When a Summer Reading participant gets through the midpoint of their folder, they will receive a book – to keep. A final book will be given when they have completed their folders. The books, prizes, and programs are courtesy of the Friends of the Library group.

We are extremely grateful to the management and staff of First State Bank for their continued sponsorship of the Summer Reading Program. Their support over the years has allowed for many (if not most) of the events that everyone has enjoyed, and this coming year is no exception.

We’re also able to show certain movies to an audience; if you have an idea that might fit the theme of the program, give us a holler! We’ll look into it and set it up if we can!

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