2019 Give2Grow Project

The Holdrege Area Public Library is the center for life-long learning in our community and the place people come to experience the joy of reading, the exhilaration of discovering new ideas and to be empowered with free access to information of all types. Community needs drive our services and we take pride in ensuring that they are delivered in a welcoming, convenient and responsive manner.
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We have a strong community of readers here at the library, and we are supporting literacy efforts for all ages. But more and more, we hear that the community wants a MakerSpace, somewhere to educate their hands – the ability to use equipment they don’t have at home.

The Library doesn’t have the infrastucture to do everything in our current building. (A machine shop or woodworking setup is out of the question, for instance.) But we can begin Phase 1 of our MakerSpace plans: Office and Paper equipment.

This year, all donations will go toward our MakerSpace Phase 1:
Pouch Laminator
Comb Binder
Disc Binder
Paper cutter
3-hole punch
Adjustable hole punch
Corner punches
Manual Cutting Mats
Metal Crafting Ruler
Rotary paper cutters

With these, and a few specialty item purchases, you can print out and craft just about anything in the ‘paper crafts’ category. We plan to have those consumeables available for purchase at the library, so as soon as the YouTube instructions have given you the idea, you can get right to work making your ideas into reality.

The Library Foundation serves the library well, but, your support is needed. On Giving Day (November 14, 2019) you have the opportunity to do just that. Please be sure your check is made out to the Phelps Community Foundation.

Thank you for your continued efforts in making the Holdrege Area Public Library the terrific library it is!

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604 East Ave
Holdrege, NE 68949
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