Update on Library Access

Press release for July 8, 2020

As the public health threat is still a possible concern, the Library Board of Trustees has voted to minimally change the current restrictions for Library Patrons. Patrons are still limited to a 30 minutes visit, and must still use hand sanitizer and masks upon entrance, but appointments are no longer required. Patrons will simply sign in with their arrival time as they enter, to insure that we are not allowing in too many patrons at a time.

During this time, our services of magazines and newspapers will not be available to the public, as these materials cannot be sanitized for patron protection. We still provide copier and scanner services, and will be expanding our services once the health measures are relaxed.

The Library online services are still available, and we will be adding downloadable audio books and ebooks as usual. While some patrons have informed us that our website has been unavailable to them, we have investigated it, and have determined that the website is responsive. While the primary website (www.holdregelibrary.org) might be overloaded, our website will still be available at www.library.ne.us/holdrege.

We are happy to notice that our curbside service is quite popular and it will still be available right now. Using the online catalog, patrons can reserve the books they want to checkout, and then call in to have the staff retrieve them from the shelves, check them out, and deliver them to your waiting car. The library phone number is 995-6556, where we are happy to serve you.

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