Volunteer Policy

Holdrege Area Public Library
Volunteer Policy

The Holdrege Area Public Library welcomes volunteers. They are used to (1) supplement the efforts of paid library staff to provide public service; (2) serve as a method for patrons to become familiar with the library and to support the library; (3) Support fundraising activities.

A volunteer is someone who performs tasks or services of his or her own free will, without expectation or receipt of wages, benefits or compensation of any kind.
To have a safe work environment for patrons, staff and volunteers criminal background checks are required on all potential volunteers 14 and over. HAPL reserves the right to deny a volunteer position to anyone it feels is unsuitable for any reason. HAPL also reserves the right at any time or for any reason to make changes in the nature of a volunteer assignment, to reassign a volunteer to a different project or to terminate the volunteer relationship.

The following requirements must be met to be a volunteer:
1. Volunteers must be at least 14 years of age or older.
2. Be free of criminal convictions
3. Give consent to a background check.
4. Be a library patron in good standing (no lost items on record).
Examples of volunteer work are dusting shelves, assisting with programs, cleaning DVD cases and other work as needed that the library requires. The Holdrege Area Public Library does not use volunteers to replace the work done by library staff.

All transactions between library patrons and staff or volunteers are strictly confidential. Volunteers are required to uphold this policy. This includes any library and/or patron information they are exposed to while serving as a volunteer.

Volunteers volunteer at their own risk. HAPL does not provide any medical, health, accident or worker’s compensation benefits for any volunteer, Volunteers are not eligible to receive any worker’s compensation benefits for any injuries sustained as a result of volunteering.

HAPL does not accept volunteers who must complete community service hours related to a court order.
(Adopted 10/03/17)

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