NebraskAccess is a free service provided by the Nebraska Library Commission to residents of Nebraska.  The site offers several features that are information and entertaining.  I have mention a few of these in the last 2 years, but wanted to reiterate them for you.  You can access these services with your Nebraska Driver’s License or come into the library and get a current password.

One of the features is Books in Print 2.0.  You can look up fiction books with a single search box for titles, authors, subjects and ISBN #’s (the unique number assigned to a publication) OR, with an advanced search screen.   Another feature is Non-Fiction Connection for obviously non-fiction books.  This is a nice way to look for books that you might want to read.   Other features include searches for articles from popular magazines and scholarly journals in brief and full-text;  Biographies on many, many people; and Heritage Quest Online for searching genealogy and census reports.

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