Need some summer projects?  “The Complete Guide to Sheds:  Utility, Storage, Playhouse, Mini-barn, Garden, Backyard retreat and more”;  “The Complete Guide to Western Plains Gardening” ;  “Taunton’s New Front Yard Idea Book” “365 Motorcycles You Must Ride” and “Fly-casting Fundamentals” by Lefty Kreh may give you some ideas along with many other similar books on the shelves.

            Summer health:  “50 Things You Can Do Today To Manage Hay Fever”  by Wendy Green;  “The Vaccine Book”  by Robert Sears M.D.; and “I Have Parkinson’s:  What Should I Do?” by Ann Andrews; 

Summer Cooking:  “The Juicing Bible” by Pat Crocker; “101 Gourmet Cake Bites” by Wendy Paul; “The Gingerbread Book” by Allen D. Bragdon.

Traveling this summer?  The library has some travel guides and “The Lincoln Highway: Coast to Coast From Times Square to the Golden Gate” (a new edition);  “New Mexico: a Photographic Tribute” and the “Grand Canyon”.  And you might want to brush up on some safety measures – “The SAS Self-defense Handbook” by Barry Davies.


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