The Kimball Public Library participates in the Panhandle Library System’s rotating DVD collection and we get 4 different sets of movies each year for you to enjoy.  There are 20 DVDs in each set and the newest one just arrived.  The rules are 1 per family for 3 days.  In each set there are comedies, childrens movies, a non-fiction and couple of westerns and several general fiction.  The current set includes;  Twilight, Appaloosa, NFL Greatest Follies, Suzy Orman:  Women & Money, Murphy’s Romance, Batman Begins, and Madagascar 2.

            We are also adding some DVDs to our permanent set.  Again some are fiction and some are non-fiction, including:  Happy Feet, The Borrowers, The Indian in the Cupboard, We Bought a Zoo, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, Bee Movie, Open Season 1 & 2, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Miracle at Sage Creek, Solomon Butcher: Frontier Photographer (a documentary by NET and Nebraska State Historical Society, Pride & Prejudice, The Cat in the Hat, Fantasia 2000, Gettysburg (a drama) and more.

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