Money Smart Kimball is a relatively new project through the library and a small committee — Jennifer Provance, Lesa Newell, Kandi Weinbender and Jan Sears, library director.

The purpose of the project is to provide information to all ages about financial concerns and safety.  The first session presented was on Balancing the checkbook, Budgeting, and Saving Tips.  Not many attended but the comments were very positive and that we should do it again.  Participants and presenters contributed tips that they use in their lives.

Our second presentation was on keeping your personal information safe.  The presentation was at Vista Villa and gave tips on protecting your Identity.  It was a successful evening with several attending.

The last presentation was a couple of weeks ago entitled “Take the Scare Out of Medicare’.  Shari Roberds talked about the enrollment period and all the different parts of Medicare.  Part D is for the prescription insurance and she stated that there are many insurance companies offering this.  Qualified people need to shop around for the best policy for their life situation.  And fees vary according to the plan.

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