The Kimball Public Library Board is in the process of raising money for new carpet for the whole library.  It will take at least $18,000.00 to accomplish this.  The last time carpet was installed in the main section was 20 years ago and it cost $3000.00.  Can you believe that difference?

There are 2 ways you can give and more opportunities later.  The first way is to ‘buy a book’.  For every $25.00 that you give, your name will be written on a book.  We need to sell 720 books to raise $18,000.00

The second way is to bring your Main Street Market grocery receipts to the library to be counted toward a donation from Main Street Market.  Many charities use these receipts to raise money for their organization.  It takes $100,000.00 in grocery receipts to raise $1,000.00.  The receipts add up quickly, but it will take a while.  We have about $6,000.00 now.



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