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To see what materials the library has & to reserve copies go to: You can browse through just what Kimball Public Library has or you can see what the other libraries in the consortium have. Books can usually be borrowed from other consortium libraries at the normal interlibrary loan fee of $3.00 to pay for the shipping. But check with Kimball holding first. Your user name is your card # and the password is your last name.

eBooks are available from Nebraska Overdrive Your Kimball account must be in good standing to use this free service. If you have trouble contact staff at the library. You might also want to explore for free books, many of them with expired copyrights OR the new Digital Commons Network

Many Nebraska libraries purchase a subscription to the Overdrive modules for their patrons. This year an option was presented to add a Kids and Teens Reading Room to Nebraska Overdrive. The participating members voted to have this option available. The Kids and Teens Reading Room is at This URL will take you to all the youth books that are available for check out from Nebraska Overdrive. There are Disney books available also.

To use Nebraska Overdrive, you need to live in Nebraska and have a library card in good standing from a participating Nebraska Public Library. Your Kimball Public Library is one of them. If you haven’t tried Nebraska Overdrive yet, please stop in the library for more information.

Overdrive is a company that provides online eBook service to several entities.  Nebraska Overdrive is provided to library card holders all across Nebraska.  Many of you are familiar with Nebraska Overdrive and use it frequently.  Statistics are kept and those eBook checkouts count toward the annual library’s statistics of how many people use the library and how many books are checked out.  So you are still a force in the library field.

            If you want to sign up for Nebraska Overdrive or get help with downloading the eBooks please come to the library for help.  When you sign into Nebraska Overdrive you will see only 200 of the newest books.  If you are already a user, remember to use the Advanced Search option to limit the search by genre, format and ‘only show titles available’.

January is for planning, right?  Here’s some of what’s happening.  Please take advantage of these events if they interest you


First, the Library Board will be doing some planning for the future and will meet next Monday the 14th.  If you have any constructive suggestions for the library’s future please let us know or attend the board meeting.

  • The Shutterbug Photography Club will meet this Thursday at 6 p.m. at the library to make their plans for the year with some exciting activities.
  • Bob Ross painting class is January 19th;  sign up and pay by Jan. 15th.
  • There will be another Basic Beginning Computer Class for the library.  We will have 3-4 sessions (depending on the needs).  The class will be on Tuesday mornings beginning January 22nd.  The class will cover very basic topics such as using the mouse, learning about the Internet, printing, and typing a letter.  The class is from 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.  Sign up at the library.
  • Want to learn about E-mails and Facebook?  There will be a session on Thursday, January 31th at 10:00 am.   Sign up at the library.
  • The library will offer a class on Kindles and Overdrive on February 2 is there is interest.  Again, sign up at the library.
  • There is some interest in doing a crafting/journaling project with paper and fabric.  Please let us know if you are interested.

Overdrive for eBooks is still going strong.  The program is available to all libraries in Nebraska.  The Kimball Public Library pays a fee to the Nebraska Library Commission to be able to access this service for our patrons.  More libraries are signing on to Overdrive each month, which means more people are trying to access the audio and eBooks.  Thus, the newest and most popular books are not always available.  To get around this, look for the box that says “Available books” and check that.  Then you will find some choices.  You may also put books on hold and patiently wait for them.  The Library Commission is purchasing new books and more copies of popular books all the time, so there will be more choices in the future.  Overdrive:  User is the library card#, password is the last name.

If you are having trouble logging in to Overdrive, you can call the library for new instruction.  The Overdrive module has switched over to the new software we are using.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Changes are always coming it seems.

So, the old  user and password you have been using, won’t work as of February 13, 2012.  You will need to use your newest library card barcode number and then the password that has been set in the patron database as the pin# — Which is your last name.   You can change the password in your patron information.  Contact the library to find out how to do that.

In many other countries, citizens know 2-3 other languages.  In the United States, only a handful have laerned other languages.  Here is your opportunity to learn another language or several.

February 21 is International Mother Language Day is an observance held annually on 21 February worldwide to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. It was first announced by UNESCO on 17 November 1999. Its observance was also formally recognized by the United Nations General Assembly in its resolution establishing 2008 as the International Year of LanguagesThis occasion brings up the newest service offered by the Kimball Public Library – our online language learning program.  You can learn any of 80 languages through this service either from your home computer or on a library computer.  You can set your own pace and goals.

NebraskAccess is a free service provided by the Nebraska Library Commission to residents of Nebraska.  The site offers several features that are information and entertaining.  I have mention a few of these in the last 2 years, but wanted to reiterate them for you.  You can access these services with your Nebraska Driver’s License or come into the library and get a current password.

One of the features is Books in Print 2.0.  You can look up fiction books with a single search box for titles, authors, subjects and ISBN #’s (the unique number assigned to a publication) OR, with an advanced search screen.   Another feature is Non-Fiction Connection for obviously non-fiction books.  This is a nice way to look for books that you might want to read.   Other features include searches for articles from popular magazines and scholarly journals in brief and full-text;  Biographies on many, many people; and Heritage Quest Online for searching genealogy and census reports.

The Nebraska Overdrive is a free service that is provided by the Kimball Public Library to its patrons.  We have seen a big increase in the enrollment in this program over the last year and even more this year.  Many received gifts of I-pads, Kindles, eReaders, etc. for Christmas the last 2 years.  The influx of enrollments across the state has resulted in the Nebraska Overdrive Consortium purchasing more copies of popular books and more book titles especially the eBooks.  When you see that there are many holds on a book that you want, be patient because the system already has or will obtain more copies as demand dictates.  Thus the waiting period isn’t that long.  Also, please note at the bottom of the screen, there is a place that says books available at any time.  These are books from the Gutenberg Project which made many, many books available that the copyrights have expired.  If you are interested in learning more about this program, we can help you through it.  Classes may be offered in the future.

The library does provide eBooks through Overdrive.  And Overdrive supports Kindles now.  Come to the library for the whole story or go to and browse through the compatible devises and the available books.  The library purchases the license to make these books available for you with financial and support assistance of the Nebraska Library Commission.  This is repetitive, because not everyone has heard about this offering yet.