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In an effort to recycle used book, the Library and the Friends of the Library are sponsoring a creative contest to use up old books — especially the ones that don’t sell in the books sale.



                The contest is open to all ages.  If there is enough interest, there will be a youth group and an adult group.

Use ideas from the books in the library, displays in the library, any ideas from the Internet, but make it your own creation.

  1. Purchase a brown paper sack of books for $5.00 from the Friends book sale room and create something out of them.
  2. Entry deadline is Oct. 1 (Tuesday) with $5.00 above (would go toward prizes)
  3. Projects will need to be done and brought to the library by Oct. 18
  4. Projects will be divided up by ages and/or categories depending on how many entries there are.
  5. Projects will be voted on for viewer’s choice and judged by a committee.
  6. Projects will be on display at the library until November 20, 2013



Lamps, bird houses, miniature furniture, tables (small), ornaments, paper dolls, journaling books, carvings and much, much more.



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Money Smart Kimball is a group working with the library that has decided to continue providing financial information to the community.  Identity theft and scams are a big concern and …   It seems we need to watch out for everything.  Be alert.  Even insurance scams are out there.  Rule  #1-Never, Never give out personal information including SS#, bank account numbers, passwords, etc. over the phone to anyone.  The people who you can trust at the banks, SS office, etc. already have the information and will not ask you for it.

“It’s a hard, cold fact: fraudsters lie. That’s how they attempt to make money. They lie when they promise you “guaranteed” high returns with little or no risk. And they lie when they forget to mention that the company or product they’re touting doesn’t exist.”

A few months ago a few people met to decide whether to revive the Oral History Project or just finalize what had already been done.  This has been an on again, off again project for many years.

The decision was made to try to revive it.  People to do interviews were invited to have input.  Lists with names of local residents were reviewed and marked according to completed, in progress, or needed to be interviewed.  There is quite a list of people that could be interviewed to add depth to the collection.

A decision was made to include Banner County residents and the surrounding areas of Kimball County and into the other states.  The new name of the project is “Prairie Tales Oral History Project”.  Progress is being made and a few more interviews have been done.

The long-range plans of the project are to archive the materials and make them available to researchers for history and genealogy.  Members on the committee are from the Kimball Public Library, the Plains Genealogical Society, the Friends of the Kimball Public Library and the Plains Historical Museum.  It is great to have everyone working together to accomplish this goal.

People who would like to visit and do interviews are encouraged to contact Jan Sears at the library.   308-235-4523.   ‘Gatherings’ are held on the First Tuesday of each month to meet, ask questions and review the progress.

Tuesday April 23 was Money Smart Day at the Kimball Public Library.  The theme is “My Money, My Way”.  Three presentations included  “the whys and hows of setting up a budget and balancing a checkbook”, “tips on saving money with cooking”, and “tips on saving money with household chores”.  This financial literacy presentation was from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.  A light meal was provided. There will be handouts, information, hands-on work and tips on how to save money during the harder times.  Trivia prizes were won by all attendees — that was fun.

This event was sponsored by the FirsTier Bank, Points West Community Bank, Kimball State Bank, Kimball Area Foundation and the Kimball Public Library.  Plans are to do more of these events to continue providing financial information to the public.



This is a quote from the company: “The methodology of Byki is based on the theory that learning vocabulary is a great place to start when learning a foreign language and that concentrating on individual words and their translations is an effective method of vocabulary learning. The foreign language words and phrases should be reinforced along the way with pictures and pronunciation, but elements that could distract from vocabulary learning – such as sentence building – should be avoided at the beginning stages of language learning. A solid vocabulary is an important foundation for successfully mastering a new language.”

 The software is available and you can log in from home or at the library on the computer with your library barcode.  If you are interested in doing this and want a tutorial on how to get around the software, please let the staff know and we will set up a time.

When the question was posed on the weblog, several people agreed that they would like to have the option to learn a new language.  Biki or Transparent Language Learning Software offers lessons online that can be done at your own pace.  Learn as much as you want in any session.  There are over 70 languages to pick from and some are English as a second language.

This month, the library purchased the software to provide this service.    I am hoping to have this ready for public use this week with further information in the next news article.  Let us know if you are interested.  It is free to the public and can be used from home or from the library.


It seems early yet, but the staff is making plans for Summer Reading Program.  It is scheduled from June 13, 2011 until July 6.  The library needs ice cream buckets and round oatmeal cardboard containers or round hot chocolate mix cardboard containers for craft projects.  If you have some to donate to the program, just drop them off at the library. 

We are excited that the meeting rooms in the library are getting more use.  The community is invited to use them.  If they are used for educational and civic purposes there is no charge.  If they are used for social purposes there is a small fee.  Recently the rooms have been used by the Tai Chi classes and by the newly formed photography group.  Both are something new and positive for the community.

Another project of the library board is to decorate two panels on the west end of the building.  An art contest is open to anyone who wants to submit a design.  If you drive down the alley on the west side of the library and look up, you can see a painted section (where there used to be windows), that are in need of some upkeep.  The library board is open to receiving any type of design, especially those that have to do with Kimball. 

Again, the goal is to decorate two panels on the west end of the building.  The library board is open to submission of any type of design and as many as you would like to submit.  The size of the boards will be about 4′ X 12′.  Ideas for you to think about are historical, a panorama, current area projects, a library theme, a funky or graphic design, children reading and playing, etc.  There have been a few inquiries and we are looking forward to receiving the designs. 

The deadline has been set for June 1, 2011 and there will a Chamber Bucks Award.  Submit as many designs as you would like.

The library board is selling flowering bulbs.  The orders can be placed at the library or through any library board member.  Bulbs available for order are Purple Liatris, Gladioli, Peacock Orchids, President Red Cannas, Daylily, Blue Boy Tall Phlox, Mexican Shell Flower, Giant Elephant Ear, Oriental Lilies, Pink Bleeding Hearts and more.  This should be a good money maker for the library.  Orders need to be placed by April 15th.  It is not too late to order yours.  Please come into the library to view the choices and place your order if you haven’t been contacted by a board or friend member.  Both groups truly appreciate your support.

Hurray!! Our library catalog is now available online.  You can search the holdings of the Kimball Public Library by going to this site:  Save it under your favorites and you won’t have to retype it each time.  Please keep in mind that we are still updating records to make them more complete and useful.  But this will tell you if we have the book and whether it is available or not.