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Facebook and setting up an e-mail, Sept. 23, 30 & Oct. 7 at 10:00;

eReader Help is Sept. 18 at 10:00;

Google Apps or Docs is Sept. 25 at 6:00.

Pinterest is on Saturday, Oct. 1, 9:00 – 12:00. Please sign up for all these events at the library or call 308-235-4523.

SCAN DAY is coming on Oct. 14, Saturday, 10:00 until 2:00. The staff will also help with scanning on Thursday and Friday, Oct. 12 & 13. There are two purposes for this project. One is to collect more history for the Historical Files and the other to help you preserve your documents and memories. Items that can be scanned are legal papers, birth certificates, baptismal records, photographs, etc.

Genealogy is the hobby of a large and growing population.  This library is not the only source of local history, but there is a great collection of genealogy research materials that is expanding as the volunteers work to gather and organize it.  There are newspapers in print and on microfilm (current up to 2003), books on how to research family history, indexed files that guide searchers to articles by family name or subject, many Nebraska history books, and files and files of other information.  People doing research come to the library from the local area and from distant places.  The Plains Genealogy Society will be giving a demonstration of 2 research sites on the computers on Thursday, December 5 at 7:00 at the library and anyone is welcome.  There is not a potluck meal as stated last week.  Sorry for the confusion.

Money Smart Kimball is a relatively new project through the library and a small committee — Jennifer Provance, Lesa Newell, Kandi Weinbender and Jan Sears, library director.

The purpose of the project is to provide information to all ages about financial concerns and safety.  The first session presented was on Balancing the checkbook, Budgeting, and Saving Tips.  Not many attended but the comments were very positive and that we should do it again.  Participants and presenters contributed tips that they use in their lives.

Our second presentation was on keeping your personal information safe.  The presentation was at Vista Villa and gave tips on protecting your Identity.  It was a successful evening with several attending.

The last presentation was a couple of weeks ago entitled “Take the Scare Out of Medicare’.  Shari Roberds talked about the enrollment period and all the different parts of Medicare.  Part D is for the prescription insurance and she stated that there are many insurance companies offering this.  Qualified people need to shop around for the best policy for their life situation.  And fees vary according to the plan.

The next Oral History Committee met Nov. 5 at 2:00.  These gatherings are open to anyone interested in preserving the history of the area.  Ideas were presented on how to gain more histories in shorter amounts of time.

The Prairie Tales Oral History Project met again on Nov. 19 at 2:00 to formulate plans to obtain more stories from local residents and from others who grew up in Kimball and live elsewhere.  It is so fun and exciting to hear the stories – long or short – of special, humorous, and intriguing moments of lives.  The short tales are usually with humor and add a spark to daily schedules.  If you have a fun story to share please let us know.

Please join us in January — there is no membership — just a willingness to contribute a little time to share stories.

Leta is making plans for after school programs on 2 Fridays each month.  The first one will be on Sept. 13th from 2:45 to 4:00.

RAG stands for Reading, Activities and Games.  Other dates are Sept. 27, Oct. 11, and 25, and Nov. 15.  She has picked a book for youth to read and give their thoughts.  A mini, informal youth book club.

The Kimball Public Library participates in the Panhandle Library System’s rotating DVD collection and we get 4 different sets of movies each year for you to enjoy.  There are 20 DVDs in each set and the newest one just arrived.  The rules are 1 per family for 3 days.  In each set there are comedies, childrens movies, a non-fiction and couple of westerns and several general fiction.  The current set includes;  Twilight, Appaloosa, NFL Greatest Follies, Suzy Orman:  Women & Money, Murphy’s Romance, Batman Begins, and Madagascar 2.

            We are also adding some DVDs to our permanent set.  Again some are fiction and some are non-fiction, including:  Happy Feet, The Borrowers, The Indian in the Cupboard, We Bought a Zoo, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, Bee Movie, Open Season 1 & 2, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Miracle at Sage Creek, Solomon Butcher: Frontier Photographer (a documentary by NET and Nebraska State Historical Society, Pride & Prejudice, The Cat in the Hat, Fantasia 2000, Gettysburg (a drama) and more.

UNMC Medical Librarians and the National Library of Medicine to offer free informational sessions

Learn how to search for quality health information at free workshops

Free informational sessions on how to search for health information and how to evaluate health information sites will be offered in 21 communities across the state Sept. 18 through Oct. 5.

The sessions, which are open to the public, are led by medical librarians from the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Consumer Health Information Resource Service (CHIRS) and the National Library of Medicine. These sessions are part of the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) through the Nebraska Library Commission.

“Increasing access to consumer health information leads to better informed consumers,” said Nancy Woelfl, Ph.D., director of the McGoogan Library of Medicine at UNMC.

The training sessions will enable citizens to make better informed decisions regarding their family’s health care requirements, she said, adding that these services have an economic impact because they are delivered at no cost through the CHIRS program at the McGoogan Library of Medicine and its library partners across the state.

“CHIRS provides the most current, reliable information available and is a great service that most people are unaware of. We hope to change that through these workshops,” Dr. Woelfl said.

This project is supported in part by the U.S. Department of Commerce National Telecommunications and Information Administration BTOP. Additional funding is provided by the American Recover and Reinvestment Act and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Participating libraries are listed below.

Sept. 24 – 10:00am – Sidney Public Library

Sept. 24 – 2:00pm – Kimball Public Library

Sept. 27 – 9:00am – Alliance Public Library

Sept. 27 – 2:00pm – Chadron Public Library

Sept. 28 – 10:30am – Rushville Public Library

The Farmer’s Day celebration will be coming soon – Sept. 29.  The Friends of the Library will have the Annual Book Sale and there are many books to choose from.  It will open right after the parade and run until 3:00 p.m.  The plans for the display in the cultural room are taking shape and there will be more information next week. 

Last week it was mentioned that the library would be offering more computer training classes.  The first one is from WNCC providing a First Time Basic Computer Skills class at the library.  There will be three 1.5 hour sessions on Tuesdays beginning Sept. 25th and ending Oct. 9, 2012, with a morning class at 10:00 a.m. and an evening class at 6:30 p.m.  For more information and to register, contact Jeanette at the Chamber of Commerce or Jan at the library. 

On Monday, Sept. 24, Medical librarians from the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Consumer Health Information Resource Service and the National Library of Medicine will be at your library to provide free informational sessions on how to search for health information and how to evaluate it.  This is open to the public and will begin at 2:00 p.m.  There will be demonstrations and hands-on practice if desired.

The Wednesday Pre-school story time will begin on September 12, at 10:30 am.  Please come in and register your children, ages 3-5.  The story-time themes will be posted next week and on the weblog – http://

The themes are: Sept. 12, “Hurray for the Red, White and Blue.  Sept. 19th will be “Going Buggy” and Sept. 26th will be “Books that Sing”.  The programs begin at 10:30 am.

Last week I wrote about the language learning program that is available to Kimball Public Library patrons.  I did not include instructions on how to register.  In order to register go to: The first time you are on the website, you will create an account by clicking on the blue box that says “signup with barcode # or user ID.  Enter your library ten-digit card # (you must have an updated library card).  The next screen will ask you to create an account.  After the language learning account is created, you will enter your user name and password and access the language learning programs from any computer – here at the library, at home, or while traveling.  If you need help, let us know.