Jan 282016

Save the Date!

Nebraska Author, Mari Beck, will be signing and selling books at the Loup City Public Library on February 23, 2016, 12:00-1:00 PM. We invite you to bring your lunch and share a great time with us!

The Broken Road: During an IED mine-clearing mission on a road outside of Baghdad, acclaimed photojournalist Steve Rappaport captures the haunting image of a soldier carrying an injured child and a wounded comrade away from a massive explosion. When Rappaport is separated from his equipment in the ensuing firefight, the picture touted as “The Rescue” goes viral, forever changing the lives of Army Specialist Riley Favreau and Brenda Jenner, the wife of the soldier whose life he failed to save.

The Date: Nick Simon is a bestselling author who has everything going for him but it’s still not enough. When he finds himself committed to the psychiatric wing of a hospital after a failed suicide attempt, he meets and falls in love with Emily, a terminally ill young woman with a vibrant zest for life and a date circled on her calendar: the date of her own death. Determined to end her life on her own terms via the Death with Dignity Act, Emily challenges the people around her to accept her decision and set her free. Certain that he’ll be able to change her mind before time runs out, Nick undertakes a journey that will change his life forever.

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