Feb 082019


     In Locke’s complex mystery, the reader takes a hard look at the secrets and racism endemic to an East Texas town and the repercussions on the small town population living with them. A complex weaving of past and present and the politics that keep them melded. This is so much more than the standard who “done it”. Beautiful writing and an engaging read. None of the characters are of the “too sweet” variety.

     Shadowhouse Fall by Daniel Jose Older is an urban fantasy with tight friendships and teens using their creative talents to battle heinous, power hungry demons. I rarely read sequels in this genre; however, this was well worth it.

Patina is the second book in Jason Reynold’s “track” series.  It is a small book dealing with large issues such as: the chronic illness of a mother, the death of a father, and the tumultuous period of life when fitting in sometimes means being willing to stand out. Patina is an “old soul” trying to fit in to a school where everyone seems wealthy, white, and uninterested in the things that rock Patina’s world.

Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson is a gorgeous picture book explaining the importance of kindness and the regrets a student has upon losing her chance to be kind to a classmate.