Feb 212019

A thoughtful romance between two misfits. Light, sassy banter regarding deeper, darker subjects.  Go ahead!  Give it a chance!

Key writes this survival tale with an intensity that puts you in the shark-infested waters with the protagonists, just where you don’t want to be. It was a highly uncomfortable but very entertaining read. The only issue I had with the story was the young boy’s reaction to his father’s accident. It seemed unrealistic.

Joseph has a hard time in school. He can’t pay attention in class and the bullies love to torment him. Heather is the new girl in school, but when the bullies decide to make her a target, they may just get more than they bargained for. A wonderful story of friendship, respecting differences, and putting in the effort to achieve your dreams. Amazing adult characters and lots of humor elevate this book a notch above the rest.  **If you have kids who loved “Ghost” by Jason Reynolds, this might make a good comp!

This little book tells the tale of a sheep who just can’t get any sleep due to the other occupants of the barn.  Great pictures and lots of fun.