Oct 012019

The cool weather is moving in! Is it really time to put away those summer reads in favor of some spooky, gothic tales?

The Good Ones (Happily Ever After Book 1)

This is a fun-loving, sweet, touching ode to romance and romance novels.  There’s always room on the reading roster for romance.



I have mixed feelings about this book although some of those feelings extend to most of the young adult genre. I loved the complex characters and the exemplary writing. The cliffhanger left me ambivalent and the jury is also still out on the bait-and-switch.


3.5 stars. Set in the immediate post-Vietnam era, an orphaned young girl struggling to deal with her grief is sent to live with her Grandfather in Bigfoot country. Grief, abandonment, bullying, and PTSD are all a major part of this story that still manages to be sweet, gentle, and humorous.

Hats Are Not for Cats!

Hey! If it must get cooler than hats should be shared equally in the animal kingdom.  Besides, cats look regal in EVERYTHING.  A fun book containing pictures of lots of cats, hats, and the realization that the greatest things should be shared by everyone.


My Own True Name: New and Selected Poems for Young Adults, 1984-1999 (Pinata Books for Young Adults)

Poetry is hot right now and this one contains some gems!  Many of the most atmospheric of the poems are set in the desert.


Oh, alright!  If it must get cooler, I will join the hordes of readers selecting gothic reads. One story, two monsters. A story of arrogance, stupidity, self-involvement and betrayal. That covers the scientist portion of the story. Loneliness and brutality are ascribed to both monsters.

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