Oct 102019

As we move farther into “cold weather” territory, it is important to stock up on the things that will get us through until Spring:  hot chocolate, blankets, fuzzy socks, and BOOKS!  Here are a few recommendations to help with those stacks.

The Round House: A Novel


     A chilling look at the disintegration of a family following a horribly brutal act against the Mother. Erdrich incorporates Native American folklore in the middle of the book to pull the “before” and “after” together and this worked up to a point. The characters, plot, and writing are very good and pull the reader in to this sad story.

Not If I Save You First


      Two high-profile teens learn to work together as they battle the Alaskan wilderness and Russian assassins. Great adventure, humor, friendship, and teamwork.  This was a smart survival read.


A beautifully written novel packed with imagination, wit, friendship, and hope. I plan to recommend this to everyone.  It is the perfect size for a classroom read-aloud.

Ella McKeen, Kickball Queen

It is hard to find out you aren’t the only one with a certain talent. When a new girl moves in, Ella finds out her “kickball bombs” aren’t unstoppable any more. As she learns to deal with her feelings, she also learns how to be a good teammate and friend.