Feb 012016

We are updating our computer catalog, to integrate Overdrive

What this means to you:

  • You can use Follett information to checkout your overdrive books.
  • You will see the new overdrive titles, as they are added, on our website.
  • More secure features.

You can access your library account from the Follett website at madisonlibrary.follettdestiny.com, the library website www.madisonlibrary.net or Overdrive website http://nebraska.lib.overdrive.com.

If you have questions call us, 402-454-3500, we can and will set up your account, if you prefer. For anyone with questions or issues the tutorial below describes account set up step-by-step.

When you go to check out a book on Overdrive you will notice lots of changes, we hope that once we are past the confusion, the process becomes easier, more intuitive, and more secure for everyone.

If you use Overdrive you will no longer use your account number and cornwell as the password to sign in. You will need to set up your Follett account madisonlibrary.follettdestiny.com.

We apologize for any issues that the integration process causes for everyone!


Set up an account                                     

Look in the upper right corner where it says Create Account FIRST And now you just need to enter your account number and last name SECONDstep 1 3The next screen allows you to create a login and password, make these simple enough to remember, but not too easy…. step 1 4step 1 5

Once your account is created Follett automatically logs you in step 1 6This is what you need to do to use overdrive. Now go to the Overdrive website: nebraska.lib.overdrive.com Or link from the library website www.madisonlibrary.net


Log in

Click Account. Step2 1Find Madison in the drop down list (Tip: on a computer type M). step2 2step2 3Right below Madison Public Library it says click here in blue (yes, it is hard to see). step2 4

You’re brought to the Follett webpage to login with the credentials we created in the first step. step2 5step2 6This is your check out screen, you can see what titles you have checked out, and look at your holds, as well as change check out length under settings. step2 7

To go to the main screen for easier searching click the Nebraska Overdrive Libraries in the upper left. step2 8

After you log in you are in your overdrive account and can search and find books using the search bar in the upper right or the categories listed in black. step2 9Your overdrive content will show in Overdrive

Your library materials will show in the Follett website.

Both accounts will use your Follett Log In information.

You can also use your login information on the Follett catalog website at madisonlibrary.follettdestiny.com to see what you have checked out, when it is due, and place holds.


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