Dec 052012

She comes by 3 times a week to use the WiFi to finish her homework from college. She likes this library because it is clean, organize, and it has stuff that will entertain the kids. She likes this library just the way it is.

Sep 072012

You may have heard some rumors about your library…

Obviously they’re true!

A huge Thank You to Madison Public Library volunteers


Madison Public Library is back to regular hours. Don’t wait for pictures, stop in and see for yourself!

Apr 302012

Because she will have access to the computer anytime and it is not boring. When ever she has the chance she would come to the library and would do other things than just go on the computer. The only thing that she would change about the library is that the library would have more space so then the library can get more new items to keep the workers occupied.

Feb 142012

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to announce Madison Public Library’s new database. We know you will LOVE overdrive. Overdrive allows our library patrons (you) to download audiobooks & ebooks anytime, anywhere. It’s easy! In three simple steps you can be reading or listening to the book of your choice…

Step 1: Browse

Step 2: Check out

Step 3: Download

Available 24/7 from the library website. Select the overdrive tab and click on the link. All you need is an internet connection and a library account. Library staff would LOVE you help you get started.
Try out Overdrive today!

Oct 212011

When you go to a library, what do you expect to see?
Books….yes, most of us expect a room full of books. Libraries are changing, though, and libraries today offer much more than books. The Madison Public Library prefers to fill the role of community hub, where everyone is welcome, and there is not a need for money; a place to just hang out, and be welcome.
So we were very interested when Sonya Sandoval from Bright Horizons in Norfolk contacted us, asking if the library would like to host a display for “The Clothesline Project.”
Clothesline Project honors women survivors as well as victims of intimate violence. Any woman who has experienced such violence, at any time in her life, is encouraged to come forward and design a shirt. Victim’s families and friends are also invited to participate.
The library has four shirts on display, and plans to offer more displays, as well as more partnerships with area organizations. Please take a moment to read more about the Clothesline Project, and see the display at the library.
Then, let us know, what would you like to see more of at your library?