Apr 242014

If you are asking yourself ‘What is the CCC?’ you are not alone.

Bill Jamerson spoke April 4th about the Civilian Conservation Corps(CCC). Also known as the Dollar-A-Day Boys it was an organization formed during the New Deal to create jobs.



Bill is a wonderful entertainer and we enjoyed his visit.

Thank you to the Madison County Museum, Northside Community Center and Madison Public Library for bringing Bill Jamerson to Madison!

Mar 272014

IMG_0040Who wished for rain? While we can all agree Nebraska needs the moisture, this cold, windy sleet is no fun!

Here’s a hint: It’s easier to be happy about the rain when you are warm and dry. So come on in to the library where you can enjoy the weather!

Mar 122014


I grew up in a small town and like to visit my local library. I don’t have internet at home, so when I visit the library I usually use the computers.

Jun 262013

We’ve had tons of fun on Dig Into Reading Wednesdays!


Turn in your reading logs by July 15, 2013, to qualify for prizes104_2407

Summer Reading Program sponsored by Frontier Bank member FDIC

Sep 072012

You may have heard some rumors about your library…

Obviously they’re true!

A huge Thank You to Madison Public Library volunteers


Madison Public Library is back to regular hours. Don’t wait for pictures, stop in and see for yourself!

Dec 212011

Did you know the library offers free Christmas vacation entertainment? Hurry in soon.

Library is open until 3pm Friday, December 23rd.


Sep 202011

The library has reviewed the results of our one question survey.  Are we waiting to hear from you?

What do you want to see more of at your library?


So far, the number one most requested item is books, with many respondents requesting a specific author or type of book, and we will do our best to fulfill as many requests as possible.
The second most requested item is movies, and an equal number of requests for both overdrive (audio-books and e-books to download) and more computers.

Do you agree, or have something to add? Please comment here, fill out a survey sheet at the library (just ONE question!), or find us on facebook at facebook.com/MPLnebraska.  We want to hear from you!

Aug 302011

The Nebraska Library Commission had a competition to encourage procrastinating librarians to weed.

Our week of weeding paid off.   We won the Nook! 

Come see it at the library today!

Aug 182011

Have you noticed the little green flyers around town?  Not UFOs… attitude survey advertisements.  The City Office and the Madison Library are working together to bring the Madison Attitude Survey to area residents in both Spanish and English.

If you have questions about the survey or need help completing it, please come into the library.  Library hours are 11:30-7 Monday through Thursday, 11:30-5 Fridays and 10 am until noon on Saturdays.  Spanish assistance is available from 4-6:30 Monday through Thursday, 2-5 on Fridays and 10 until noon on Saturdays.