Oct 232014

Coming Soon:

Madison Public Library will have a new website. Still madisonlibrary.net but a whole new look! You will be able to access from your phone.

Sep 302014

Good News!

It’s Science Expo time! This year’s theme is concentrated on conservation. 100_1281






The Other News:(

Because we can’t be everywhere at once Library hours are different this week September 29 – October 3:

Monday 11:30 – 7

Tuesday 1 – 7

Wednesday 1 – 7

Thursday 3 – 7

Friday 11:30 – 5

Normal hours will resume next week. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Apr 242014

If you are asking yourself ‘What is the CCC?’ you are not alone.

Bill Jamerson spoke April 4th about the Civilian Conservation Corps(CCC). Also known as the Dollar-A-Day Boys it was an organization formed during the New Deal to create jobs.



Bill is a wonderful entertainer and we enjoyed his visit.

Thank you to the Madison County Museum, Northside Community Center and Madison Public Library for bringing Bill Jamerson to Madison!

Mar 272014

IMG_0040Who wished for rain? While we can all agree Nebraska needs the moisture, this cold, windy sleet is no fun!

Here’s a hint: It’s easier to be happy about the rain when you are warm and dry. So come on in to the library where you can enjoy the weather!

Mar 122014


I grew up in a small town and like to visit my local library. I don’t have internet at home, so when I visit the library I usually use the computers.