Corn Daze Celebration

This weekend will be a very busy time for our library and village. We will be celebrating “Corn Daze”.

Alumni for Meadow Grove High will be attending their dinner Friday night.

The library is hosting it’s annual “Silent Auction” Saturday June 26 in the Village Clerk’s office on Main Street. The hours are 10am to 8pm. The theme for this year’s auction is “The Barnyard and The Pond”. It will be fun as usual to see what our patrons bring to bid on and to see everyone scurrying in during the last minutes of the auction┬áto make sure their bids are secure.

Come and join the fun and help the library at the same time.

Also,don’t forget the bathtub races, the barbeque, the parade and all of the other activities the Booster Club has planned!!!

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