Library’s New Project

Our Open House Event for our new BTOP Computers drew about 25-30 people. For Meadow Grove that is pretty good. They were all very impressed with the new computers.

Last week I got the library’s Statisical Report done.  That is always the first big project of the year that needs to be completed.

The library board has decided that our library needs a new sign for our building. We have contacted Love Signs in Norfolk and they came up with a wonderful design for us. Just something plain and straight forward. The cost is $1100 so we are going to be appealing to our patrons and the alumni to help us out with this project. I know they will come through for us.

Were many of you fortunate to get e-readers for Christmas? The library possibly will be having a workshop to show you how to load books onto them. Would anybody be interested in this? Let me know and I will see what I can arrange.


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